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Reverse Earrings - An Innovative New Concept2014-11-19
Reverse earrings might not be something which you'd previously heard of. Earrings come in lots of sizes and shapes, so much so that there are bound to be some out there for everyone. Whether you prefer dainty silver studs, simple hoops or dangling beaded options, there are various alternatives out there. Nonetheless, what earrings tend to have in common is that each pair is identical. For most of us this is perfect, but some like to be a bit more adventuresome with their earrings. Sadly occasionally this isn't always possible, unless you wish to wear a completely different earring in each ear, or maybe just a single earring, leaving the other element of the pair in the home. If you don't wish to be quite that out there, there are regrettably not a lot of alternatives for you personally, or at least, there were not.
Reverse earrings are a comparative newcomer, so that as such they may not be on your radar as yet. They're the perfect blend of conventional and uncommon. The most typical form is a drop earring that consists of two jewels, placed the opposite way around on each earring. This permits you to both coordinate and turn heads. Seems perfect! However, there is still another snag. You may discover that it is hard to obtain these types of earrings. One reason that they aren't very well known is that they're not stocked particularly widely. Fortunately, there are a number of brilliant jewellery designers that have these within their range. One of these designers is Xanthe Marina. She has several instances of this exciting new alternative in her range, and that's not all!

Personalised Jewellery and More Options from Xanthe Marina

Xanthe Marina is a really exciting jewellery designer whose work has been showcased in such publications as Vogue and Tatler. She's travelled widely among the Caribbean, the Middle East and the US and consequently a wide selection of influences are present within her work. If you want individual pieces of immense quality, she's a fantastic option to choose. Together with earrings, Xanthe designs necklaces and rings. Moreover, she does not restrict her earring selection to the reverse variety. On the contrary, she's got a wide range of choices, so there will surely be something to interest you. Moreover, she provides advice on the after-care of the rose gold jewellery uk in your jewellery box UK on the FAQ section of her site, so you've got a great resource to enable you to maintain your bits in tip-top condition. There is even a particular section of one-off pieces that's excellent for people that are trying to find something special that no one else will have.
If this describes you, but there is nothing in this section of the website that is speaking to you, then have you considered personalised jewellery? One of Xanthe's most flourishing arenas is creating bespoke commissions for her clients. She has a variety of choices for you to contemplate, with distinct stones, different metals along with various innovative designs to ensure you are able to create something that is quite simply perfect for you. Additionally, this is an excellent choice if you are thinking of shopping for a gift for a particular someone. Whether you're looking for a one-off ring, or a perfect necklace, Xanthe will undoubtedly be able to assist. Her wealth of experience means that she understands all the different elements that combine to make a striking item, and she is able to work with you and your needs to ensure you are more than delighted at the end.
If you are thinking about personalised jewellery, the initial action to take is to look at the alternatives Xanthe already has available. You will start to see the fashions that she specialises in and you'll be able to pull out the special features which you would like to integrate into your things. If you're interested in commissioning a certain piece, then the next thing to do is to make contact with her on Alternatively you are able to phone her on 07768 263198. However, you might find the right piece on the site, in which case you merely need to click through to the Jewel Street website where you could buy the item of your choice. Whether you're looking for reverse earrings or the perfect necklace, Xanthe Marina is the designer for you. Browse the collection now to locate the piece for you!
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